Former Home of "Lucy in the Sky" Inspiration Up for Sale

Lucy and Mary Richardson in 1966

Via the Daily Mail

An antique shop fabled to have once been the home of the real-life Lucy from The Beatles' song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has gone on the market for £1.4million.

...The three-bedroom home offers 4,000sq ft of space with a shop showroom, courtyard garden and a studio. It was frequented by John Lennon and his family in the sixties among a host of other celebrities.

Lennon's son Julian often played with the shop owners' daughter Lucy Richardson when they were school children.

Legend has it that while they were playing, Julian drew a picture of a girl surrounded by diamonds and showed it to his father.

Lennon is said to have later gone into the shop and said, 'Hello Lucy in the sky with diamonds'. The comment baffled the family but they were amazed when The Beatles' 1967 hit song came out.

Mary Foster, 74, Lucy's elder sister and the current shop owner, said: 'Julian went to school just round the corner from here and he was very homesick so they would call Lucy out of class to sit with him and draw.

'John Lennon came into the shop one day and said, "Hello, Lucy in the sky with diamonds". My father just thought he had gone bonkers, it wasn't until later the song was released.'