New kids book: "When We Was Fab: The Birth of the Beatles"

Out July 1 and listed on Amazon. Written by Judith Kristen and illustrated by Eric Cash with an introduction by Paul's step-sister Ruth McCartney.


Four lads from a small town called Liverpool changed the face of Rock and Roll--forever. But their story is far more than one of music. It's about having dreams and making them come true. It's about the power of genuine friendship; it's about believing in yourself--and others--and living a life filled with heart, tenacity, and passion. John, Paul, George, and Ringo gave the musical world its Happily Ever After, and for this, a billion fans are eternally grateful. But, maybe even more than that, The Beatles' story is a heartfelt reminder to every one of us that it's not where you start that counts--it's how you finish.