Coming up: Memoir from cop who busted the Beatles - Norman Pilcher

This should be interesting...

Norman Pilcher is the British police detective who busted John Lennon, George Harrison, members of the Rolling Stones and Donovan for drugs possession during the late 1960s. 

It was alleged that Pilcher planted drugs on some of his busts. In 1972 he was convicted for perjury in connection with a drug-smuggling case and served four years in prison

Pilcher's upcoming memoir - "Bent Coppers, " out Sept. 29 - aims to "set the record straight."

Here's a description:
London, England, 1967. An explosion of recreational drugs has resulted in the emergence of an anti-establiment hippy culture, worsening crime rates and an increasingly paranoid tabloid press. A young and ambitious police officer joins the Metropolitan Police Drug Squad determined to right these emerging cultural wrongs.

His method? To tackle head on the most high-profile examples of wanton drug abuse. His targets? The celebrities, musicians and dilettantes all exploiting Britain’s burgeoning drugs trade, glamourising illegal activity and promoting their untouchable wealth and fame to an impressionable generation.

Bent Coppers is the electrifying true story of Norman Pilcher, the most infamous police officer in British law enforcement history. Truth and justice were the tenets of Pilcher’s war against crime in the capital, but they soon collapsed in a landslide of scandal, perjury and blazing newspaper headlines.

The man who arrested The Beatles and The Rolling Stones would pay the ultimate price for his service. Finally he sets the record straight.