Out now: Beatlefan #243

Featuring my interview with journalist Don Short!

Beatlefan #243 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the “McCartney” album and the first “Beatles breakup” reports, as we present Part 1 of Al Sussman’s assessment of Paul McCartney’s solo career, Bruce Spizer tracing the making of Paul’s first solo release, and Wally Podrazik examining how McCartney had to compete with his Beatle self when he went out on his own. 
Also, Bill King looks back on the events of 1970 from a fan’s perspective, and Duncan Driver discusses when The Beatles actually broke up. 
Also in this issue, John Firehammer talks with veteran British showbiz reporter Don Short, who wrote the first national news story on The Beatles in the U.K. and also did the famous Daily Mirror front-page story with the “PAUL QUITS THE BEATLES” headline. 
Tom Frangione, meanwhile, writes about a Beatles cover by the Smithereens that’s finally being issued for Record Store Day, John Firehammer wraps up our Beatles Necrology look at members of the Beatleworld we’ve lost, and John Reilly concludes his memoir on working as a film editor with John and Yoko. And, of course, we have the latest news (including word of more possible anniversary releases), as well as reviews of recent books and a U.K. documentary.
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