Beatles' "Man from the motor trade" passes away

Terry Doran with John Lennon

Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn today reports the passing of Beatles' associate Terry Doran.

Doran, a Liverpool car dealer, was friends with Brian Epstein before Epstein started managing the Beatles.

The pair formed Bydor Cars (a combination of their names) in 1965 in part because the Beatles and Brian's other acts were buying so many vehicles with their newfound riches.

The Beatles all purchased cars, including a selection of custom Minis and sports cars, via Brydor.

It's said that Doran inspired the line "meeting a man from the motor trade" in the song "She's Leaving Home" on the Sgt. Pepper album, but Paul McCartney, in his memoir, "Many Years from Now," denied this, saying "it was just fiction, like the sea captain in 'Yellow Submarine,' they weren't real people."

According to John Lennon, Doran helped him find a rhyme for "though the holes were rather small" in the song "A Day in the Life" by suggesting "Albert Hall."

Terry Doran, middle, with John Lennon (and Mike McGear on right?)
Doran later served as managing director of Apple Music and became manager of the band Grapefruit before the Apple label got started. The band scored a minor British hit with "Dear Delilah" on the RCA label in early 1968. Doran also briefly managed Apple singer Mary Hopkin.

Terry Doran with George Harrison
He later worked as a personal assistant to George Harrison before returning to the car business.