Monday, March 9, 2020

Unreleased George Harrison music on the way? Maybe...

George Harrison
Rolling Stone today posted a long article about the history and revival of George Harrison's Dark Horse label.

As has been reported here, recordings by Dark Horse acts such as Ravi Shankar are set for re-release via the revived label, but there's been no announcement about any archival music from George, himself.

Deep in the article, however, Dhani makes a few comments that make me hopeful that we may soon see some previously unreleased music from George's solo albums, as well.
The company’s archival research has also turned up a trove of unissued George Harrison material. “We have people digging through mountains of tapes, and they keep coming,” says Dhani. “Boxes and boxes of them.”

This year marks the 50th anniversary of All Things Must Pass, and Dhani and his archivists have unearthed hours of unreleased material and unheard songs from those sessions. “A lot of it has been bootlegged, but we have better versions,” says Olivia. “We have all the 24-tracks of All Things Must Pass, and we found lots of different takes and talking in the studio.”

Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh, followed in 2023 by the five-decade mark of Living in the Material World. Each of those projects could be accorded expanded editions, although the specifics aren’t worked out.
The 50th anniversary of George's first solo LP would be a fine time for Dhani and Olivia to start sharing more of his material from the vaults. Let's hope those specifics are worked out soon.

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