Peter Jackson's Beatles "Let it Be" documentary coming in fall (not spring)

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr promo photo from the Beatles' "Let it Be" film, 1970
Director Peter Jackson's documentary of the Beatles' "Let it Be" project will be out in the fall of 2020, missing the May 50th anniversaries of the original "Let it Be" film and album, Showbiz 411 reports.

According to the article:
One reason [for the delay] is that no work has been done yet on the mixing, remixing and so on of the original album, the original movie’s soundtrack, or the Peter Jackson documentary. The mixing sessions are set for this July. It shouldn’t take too long. At this point Giles Martin and his crew know exactly what they’re doing. 
The other reason is that all these expensive packages will be aimed at a holiday release. They’re a waste of time in May for Apple Records and for retailers. If they come in October, they’ll be part of the Christmas shopping madness. It makes more sense all around.