Artifact: John Lennon letter to Jurgen Vollmer, 1975

Jurgen Vollmer, one the Beatles' artsy Hamburg friends, shot the photo of John used on the cover of his 1975 Rock'n'Roll album. Here's a "thank you" John sent him after the album's release.

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Dear Jurgen,⠀
Glad you liked Rock n Roll. The music book is even better. Ask Connie for a copy. If you don’t have one. Anyway… yes I do remember the photos you did. I remember the meeting etc in Paris very well. In fact I’m amazed at how much I DO remember! (e.g. the beautiful ballet dancer friend of yours in hamburg [crossed out] just my luck!)⠀

So I don’t really know what to write for you … here goes …⠀

‘Jurgen Vollmer was the first photographer to capture the beauty, and spirit of The Beatles, (tho I say it myself)! We tried very hard to find someone with his touch after we returned from Hamburg Germany … nobody could. He loved Rockers … and Rock and Roll … the photographs speak for themselves.’⠀

I hope this will do,⠀
If you want more … or less … let me know ⠀
John '75⠀

PS there’s a book coming out – ‘Macmillan Publishers’ – it's by Allan Williams (he took us to Hamburg first) – it’s all about ‘THEN’ – Liverpool/Hamburg – pre Brian Epstein – its called ‘THE MAN WHO GAVE AWAY THE BEATLES’ – quite funny – and sad.