Friday, August 17, 2018

Details on "Imagine" Super Deluxe box set coming Aug. 23

A new official website promises full details Aug. 23 on the upcoming "Imagine Super Deluxe" 50th anniversary edition.

Unconfirmed reports say this will be a six-disk package out Oct. 5 featuring a remastered edition of the album, outtakes and various other goodies. We'll see.

The new site also includes information on the newly remastered John and Yoko "Imagine" film, which will be shown in select theaters next month, and the "Imagine John Yoko" book, out Oct. 9 (John's birthday), which details the making of John's LP.

The "Imagine" film, combined with 2001's "Gimme Some Truth - The Making of Imagine" will be released on DVD and Blu-ray, also on Oct. 5.

We'll keep you posted on the official contents of the Super Deluxe set.

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