Wednesday, September 28, 2016

History: Beatles Book Monthly September 1966

The September issue of the Beatles' official fan magazine appeared following the release of the band's Revolver LP and includes response to the exciting, innovative and unusual new sounds of the album.

The opening editorial also weighs in on the emerging controversy regarding John's "bigger than Jesus" comment:

And, more benign matters:

Meanwhile, a flashback series recounting the group's first stint in Hamburg skirts around the reasons for the Beatles' deportation from the country:

The cover feature, meanwhile, is a short interview with John, who voices his opinions on a variety of matters ...

Band members also respond to questions and comments about the new LP in the letters section:

Neil Aspinall, in his column, also provides some details behind the strange new sounds on the album:

The news section, meanwhile, makes a fairly non-committal promise that the group will be touring Britain soon, yet the band never toured the country again - nor anywhere else - after its Aug. 29, 1966, performance at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

There's also a bit of news about John's film project:

And more great pics!

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