Smoking plane engines and the Beach Boys - the Beatles in Portland, Ore., 50 years ago

The Oregonian shares its vintage coverage of the Beatles Aug. 22, 1965, performance in Portland:
The moment of excitement occurred when the Beatles' chartered airliner landed by the Old United Airlines Terminal with one of its four turbo-prop engines smoking. Officials labeled the engine trouble as minor.

The crowd of 500 teen-agers on hand to welcome the quartet and their troupe of 60 was kept well in hand when it was announced the Beatles' limousine would not pass near the restraining fence unless everybody behaved. Everybody did.

Following their first concert, the flippant foursome joked their way through a press conference and then shared a steak dinner with their five guests, the Beach Boys, America's counterpart to the Beatles.
From later accounts, notably "Ticket to Ride," Larry Kane's memoir of touring with the Beatles on their U.S. tours, we know that the smoking engine created a minor panic on board the Beatles' plane, but it did land safely. John Lennon was heard shouting "Beatles, women and children first!" as he deplaned.

Also, other accounts mention the Beatles meeting Mike Love and Carl Wilson, but not the rest of the Beach Boys. At this point, Brian Wilson was no longer touring with the group

Beat poet Allen Ginsberg was also at one of the shows and wrote a poem about it.