Sunday, February 22, 2015

Who clicked the shutter on the Sgt. Pepper cover shot?

The Independent talks to Nigel Hartnup, assistant to the late photographer Michael Cooper who was hired to take the photos featured on the cover and gatefold of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album.

Though he takes, and took, no credit, Hartnup claims he's the one who actually clicked the shutter for the cover photo simply because the camera was set up high and he was taller than Cooper.

 While the gatefold photo is credited to Collins, the cover is credited to "MC Productions."
And are there any “souvenirs” that he still has from the shoot? “There was a time when we needed a new kitchen,” he says, “so I sold my signed Marlene Dietrich cut-out. I got £2,300 for it and was thrilled, though it did sell again in 2003 for £86,000.”

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