Paul and Ringo-signed piano up for benefit auction

A Beatles-themed piano autographed by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will be auctioned off in a benefit for Habitat for Humanity in Louisiana.
Starr's signature came relatively easily. Several Habitat representatives drove the piano to Biloxi, MS, where he was performing, and got pictures with him signing and playing the piano. They tried to have McCartney sign it in New Orleans when his tour stopped there, but it did not work out. Instead, they were asked to meet him in Louisville, KY.

Because of trouble with bad gasoline, what should have been a 10-hour drive ended up being a 29-hour fiasco, but the group arrived on time for his sound check.

"Then, about 10 minutes before the sound check was over, [his assistant] came and got us and went and took us where they had unloaded the piano," Crouch said. "And we're just standing there, and then all of a sudden, around the corner came Paul McCartney, and it was like we were 12 again! Luckily, he stopped to talk to some people and we had time to compose ourselves. And he came over and shook our hand; was very, very pleasant, was funny. But both Beatles were very, very nice."