'Hope For The Future' - New Single Release Details

Paul’s new song 'Hope For The Future' will be globally released on Monday 8th December. The song was written by Paul for the record-breaking video game 'Destiny', and until now has been exclusively available within the game itself. Produced by Giles Martin, 'Hope For The Future' is as epic as the game, which sold-through more than $325 million worldwide in its first five days.
It goes without saying that Paul has written countless hit singles, orchestral scores, electronica works, film themes, and has consistently changed the world with his music. Listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the 'World’s Most Successful Composer and Recording Artist of All Time', Paul has now added another first to his impressive list: 'Hope For The Future' marks the first time that Paul has ever written specifically for a video game — one poised to become the most successful franchise of its kind.

Details of the release are confirmed today and the original version of the track from the 'Destiny' credits will be made digitally available alongside four special mixes.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1) 'Hope For The Future (Main)'
2) 'Hope For The Future (Thrash)'
3) 'Hope For The Future (Beatsession Mix)'
4) 'Hope For The Future (Jaded Mix)'
5) 'Hope For The Future (Mirwais Mix)'