Journalist Ivor Davis recalls touring with the Beatles, ghostwriting for George Harrison

The Los Angeles Daily News today has a lengthy feature on former Daily Express journalist Ivor Davis who's published a memoir about his days covering the Beatles.

The Hollywood correspondent for the Express, Davis accompanied the band on its 1964 American tour and ghostwrote a column for the newspaper for George Harrison.

I hope to nab a copy of the book, "The Beatles and Me On Tour," to review, as it looks as if Davis provides some interesting fly-on-the-wall detail, some of which runs counter to accepted history.
As for the famous incident when Bob Dylan met the Beatles in New York and introduced them to marijuana, Davis disputes accounts that it happened during the rock icons’ first meet-and-greet in the city’s Hotel Delmonico. Rather, he says, they were turned on at a much less fancy — and less police-garrisoned — motor inn by the airport the night before the Beatles returned to England.

“That night, a scruffy-looking guy came onto our floor and marched straight into their room,” he says. “We were in the adjoining room; they stuck wet towels in the cracks under the door. When they came out, Ringo was on his knees, absolutely wasted. They said Bob gave him a joint, and instead of doing the procedure, taking two puffs and passing it around, he smoked the whole damn thing! He didn’t know.”