Ringo Starr Inducted into Nashville Musicians Hall of Fame

From the Nashville Tennessean:

Nashville's renown as a music industry town fueled by gifted creators getting by with a little help from their friends was never more present in the modern era than during Ringo Starr's Sunday induction into downtown Nashville's Musicians Hall of Fame.

At an event held at the downtown location of the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, the Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer and Beatles member was not just inducted as the 170th member of the Musicians Hall of Fame but also received the inaugural Joe Chambers Musicians Legacy award.

The honor is named for Joe Chambers, the longtime Nashville entrepreneur, musician and songwriter, who passed away in Sept. 2022. Joe co-founded and opened the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum alongside his wife, Linda, in 2006.

Starr describes the emergence and sustaining power of his career this way to The Tennessean:

"I was a lad who loved to play music and began as a busker. With the constant love and support of so many, I created many far-out songs that have defined popular and youth culture for many generations."

Upon receiving his induction medal and the Joe Chambers Musicians Legacy award, Starr stated the following to the crowd in attendance:

"I am honored to be here and accept the first Joe Chambers Musicians Legacy Award. I've always loved Nashville and country music, though I know this place honors all musicians regardless of genre or instrument. I've had a long, happy relationship with this town and it's lovely to be here and receive this award."