Ringo Removed Paul's Drums from New McCartney Track, Says New Beatles Track 'Should've Been Out Already'

Ringo Starr talked to The Associated Press about his new EP, Rewind Forward, which contains a new track by Paul McCartney:

“Feeling the Sunlight” was written by Beatle Paul McCartney, who Starr says he “FaceTimes twice a month” and hangs out with whenever he is in London, or McCartney is in LA.

“When he sent the track, he’d actually done the drums, so we had to take them off,” he says, laughing.

Ringo also talked about the new Beatles track and it's controversial use of A.I. (actually only used to clean up the sound on a badly recorded John Lennon demo tape):

In June, news broke that a final Beatles recording would soon become available, created using artificial intelligence technology to extricate John Lennon’s voice from a piano demo — the same method used to separate the Beatles’ voices from background sounds during the making of director Peter Jackson’s 2021 documentary series, “The Beatles: Get Back.”

There was some confusion — and potentially fear — around the use of AI. “The rumors were that we just made it up,” he says of Lennon’s contributions to the forthcoming track. “Like we would do that anyway.”

“This is the last track, ever, that you’ll get the four Beatles on the track. John, Paul, George, and Ringo,” he says.

When asked when it will be released, he says, “It should’ve been out already.”

There's still no official word on when the track, speculated to be Lennon's tune "Now and Then," will be released.