Paul McCartney Guitar String Used on 'Michelle' Expected to Sell for More than $5K

Via Guitar World:

An Epiphone acoustic guitar string that was used by Paul McCartney during the Beatles’ recording sessions for Rubber Soul has gone up for auction and is expected to fetch more than $5,000.

The string is being auctioned by Special Auction Services in Newbury, England, and it is a guitar string of some historic significance. If the musicologist and venerable Beatles biographer Walter Everett is correct, we can assume that it was most likely to have been used on Michelle, on which McCartney lays down his Epiphone Texan acoustic.

There are no details as to the string’s gauge. The COA and documentation of its provenance only explain how the string got passed down from McCartney to its present owner. The string belonged to the vendor’s late cousin, David Cardey, a paid-up member of the Beatles fan club member who won it in a competition. 

Cardey received a letter on February 14 1966 from Johnny Dean, editor of the long-running Beatles Book fanzine, informing him that he had won, including a guinea (pre-decimalization, this would have been just over £1) and a tantalizing promise – “I will be sending you a piece of Beatle equipment within the next few days”.

You can see the auction listing here.