Rolling Stone Podcast Recounts 'Secret History of "Let it Be"'

Check out a new episode of Rolling Stone's "Hear it Now" podcast:

Producer/engineer Glyn Johns recorded the whole of the Let It Be sessions for the Beatles in 1969, and mixed a raw version of the album that wouldn’t be released for another 52 years —  so he’s far from a fan of the Phil Spector-embellished album that came out in 1970. “He did a terrible job,” Johns says on the new episode of Rolling Stone Music Now. “Don’t misunderstand me — I respect Phil Spector for his early work tremendously. But somebody like Phil Spector shouldn’t ever be allowed near a band like the Beatles, in my view. Phil Spector was always the artist in the records that he made. He treated the artists like parts of the machine to make the end result. I don’t think the Beatles ever require that kind of input.”

The new episode, which also includes an interview with Ringo Starr, was recorded live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Starr’s 83rd birthday, with Rob Sheffield and Hall of Fame vice president of education Jason Hanley joining host Brian Hiatt to interview Johns about the making of Let It Be and more.