Paul McCartney Attempts to Correct Rampant Misinformation About Beatles Use of A.I.

Paul McCartney has joined Sean Lennon in encouraging folks to calm the hell down about all of this A.I. nonsense.

As Paul said a couple of weeks back, A.I. tech has been used to pull John Lennon's voice off a crappy demo table and enable its use in a new tune, to be credited to the Beatles, for release later this year. The technology is the same used to add clarity to dialogue and musical performances in Peter Jackson's "The Beatles: Get Back" documentary. 

A.I. is NOT being used to create an artificial "John Lennon" voice, as journalists and trolls continue to say online. Paul never said anything of the sort, but, sadly, many people can't be bothered to read and think before posting these days.

Trying, again, to explain what's up, Paul posted the following on Twitter:

It's speculated - not confirmed - that the song in question is John's "Now and Then," which Paul, George Harrison and Ringo Starr worked on during the "Beatles Anthology" project when they used Lennon demos to create "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love." However, the "Now and Then" tape was more challenging to work with and George Harrison, for one, wasn't pleased with the outcome and its release at the time was vetoed.