Paul's Sketches for Saville Theater Go On Display

A series of sketches that Paul McCartney made as potential stage backdrops for musical performances at London's Saville Theater are now on display at the Liverpool Beatles Museum, ITV reports.

Beatles manager Brian Epstein presented a number of concerts --including performances by Jimi Hendrix, the Bee Gees, the Four Tops and others -- during the mid 60s.

From ITV:

The famous Beatles Hello Goodbye promo was filmed at the Theatre and Yoko Ono performed some of her most controversial material there.

In 1966 Paul McCartney was invited by Epstein to design the stage backdrop for the upcoming appearance by Tamla Motown artists the Four Tops.

This was to be their only UK appearance in 1966 following the success of their number one single “Reach Out I’ll Be There”.

Paul proceeded to draw 12 intriguing designs that would cater for a variety of entertainers.

Design number 8 was used by the Four Tops for their performance in November of 1966.

The designs were given by Epstein to Director of Productions for NEMS enterprises, John Lyndon, and were hung on his office wall.

Paul McCartney’s interest in the Theatre continues to this day with his work as founder of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.