A Horse in the Recording Studio and More: Mary McCartney Talks About New Abbey Road Documentary

"If These Walls Could Sing," a new documentary about Abbey Road Studios directed by Paul McCartney's daughter Mary is now streaming on Disney+.

Rolling Stone features an interview with her about the project here. A highlight:

One of the best moments is when you show your parents bringing a pony to the studio.

If I had to say one reason that I wanted to do the documentary, it’s because I wanted to use that picture and put it onscreen. I didn’t see that picture until I was at Abbey Road for some work thing. There was a book in reception, a biography of Abbey Road, and that’s where I saw that picture. I’d never seen it, and it just melted my heart.

How does it capture your parents’ personalities for you?

They just thought, “This would be a good thing to do.” And it just happened. It feels natural, right? Even to the viewer, when you see it, It doesn’t seem that odd — just this little pony walking across the road on the lead rope with them.

She loved animals so much. The horses weren’t in London all the time. She had a couple of horses outside the city in a livery. But then she felt, “Oh, I just want to get the horses here.” So they were put in a horse trailer and came to London, in St. John’s Wood, and they were in the garden. She literally rode a horse up and down our street once, and I was mortified. At the time, as a kid, I was like, “Oh, my God, my mom is riding up and down the street in the middle of London.” Now, I’m like, “What a cool chick!”

It’s wild to think of all these animals in London, right by Abbey Road.

Abbey Road is an interesting studio because it is in the middle of everything. St. John’s Wood is quite a residential area. But the building is like a TARDIS [from Doctor Who]. You walk up the steps, you go in, and you go into this crazy adventure.