Lost song featuring George and Ringo unearthed

Ringo Starr with Suresh Joshi

The BBC and other outlets this week posted reports on a newly recovered recording featuring George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton with Indian musician/vocalist Ustad Aashish Khan. 

You can hear an interview about the song, "Radhe Shaam,"and a snippet of it, at 2 hrs. 16 min. into this broadcast. It also is now available for download.

 Indian broadcaster Suresh Joshi said the song was recorded for a documentary film he was working on called "East meets West" and was rediscovered in his Birmingham earlier this year home by a friend who was checking on him during lockdown.

Joshi recalled the track as having been recorded in 1968, but it more likely dates from March 1970, according to arranger  John Barham, who worked with on George's All Things Must Pass album.

According to an August Sound & Vision article by Matt Hurwitz, Barham created an arrangement for "Radhe Shaam" on March 10, 1970, and was asked by George to work on his new album about a month later.

The track was played to around 100 people at Liverpool Beatles Museum earlier this week.

"The song itself revolves around the concept that we are all one, and that the world is our oyster," Joshi said. "[That is] something that we have all realized during this pandemic."

He said he had been telling his friend Deepak Pathak about his musical past and had asked him to look for the master tape.

Having unearthed it, Pathak sent it to music producer Suraj Shinh, who restored the tape and mixed the song.

NOTE: This post was updated to include the correct information regarding the recording date of the song.