Eavesdropping on the Beatles: Peter Jackson talks "Get Back"

Uncut has a new interview with director Peter Jackson about his upcoming "The Beatles: Get Back" documentary.

They have this wonderful running battle with Michael Lindsay-Hogg, the director. Michael is determined to try to capture as much candid material as he can. There’s this on-going battle between Michael and The Beatles, ’cause they’re aware that he’s doing this. Michael employs some techniques to try to get them on film in much more of a candid way. He would get the cameraman to set up the tripod, set up a shot, press the button and then walk away as if they’re off to have a cup of tea. And the camera would have a 10-minute roll of film in it, and it would just be quietly rolling. He used to put some tape over the red light. And Michael would also hide microphones everywhere to try to capture candid conversations. What John and George used to do is if they were in a conversation, they would turn their amps up loud and they’d strum the guitar. So all Michael’s microphones were recording was this loud guitar. What we’ve been able to do with artificial intelligence-based technology is strip the guitars off now and expose the private conversations that they had. Some key parts of our movie feature private conversations that they tried to disguise or tried to cover up at the time that he was recording them.

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