Photographer Ethan Russell recalls shooting the "Let it Be" book

Ethan Russell's  photos of the Beatles were included in a booklet included with early pressings of the Let it Be album in England, and also are prominently displayed in the album's new reissue package, along with the companion book to director Peter Jackson's "The Beatles: Get Back" documentary coming to Disney+ this Thanksgiving.

He discusses his work with the Beatles and other stars in a new interview with the California News Times.

One day I was talking about a previous photo of John and Yoko. I said I was going to the studio. They told me they didn’t need me, but I got off anyway.Neil when I got down there [Aspinall, an Apple executive] He appeared and said, “We have decided to take you down.” So I went and got a camera. No one told me what to do.

Neil said, “You can come all day.” And I said, “I will not do it for three days.” I don’t understand why these things come out of my mouth. After that, I showed the photo to press agent Derek Taylor. [Apple executive] Peter Brown’s office. I used to project pictures on the walls, they looked good and it was hell as a place to take pictures. I used it well and took big wide shots.

Suddenly Paul McCartney came in and John came with Yoko and George Harrison. They hired me for a longer period after they saw the pictures. Then someone said, “I should do a book,” and I went to balance the shoot.