New Paul McCartney interview in British GQ

A fashionable Paul talks and poses for British GQ in a lengthy new interview now online. Paul discusses the COVID crisis, social media and football. And, yes, he tells the "Hey Jude" story again.

Do you think people’s behavior is going to change when we come out of this?

I think in the short-term, yes, people will act differently, because it’s going to be difficult to just pop along to a football match or a concert or the theatre, so those things are going to change us all. But one thing is true: we’re going to value the NHS more. That’s great, because people certainly took that for granted. I hope nurses will be looked after a bit better now. People have really understood the value of our health service. I suppose I’d like to think that people will simply be kinder. There will be a bit of that, of people thinking a bit harder about things, but at the back of it all is the thought that everyone just thinks, “Oh, sod it,” and goes back to their old ways.