Coming Up: "A Women’s History of the Beatles"

Out Feb. 25, 2021. Order from Amazon now.

A Women's History of the Beatles is the first book to offer a detailed presentation of the band's social and cultural impact as understood through the experiences and lives of women. Drawing on a mix of interviews and ethnography (including autoethnography), textual analysis, and archival research, this work depicts the myriad ways that the Beatles have profoundly shaped and enriched the lives of women from the band's 1960s heyday onward.

Organized topically based on key themes important to Beatles the book uncovers all the varied and multifaceted relationships women have had with the band, whether face-to-face and intimately or parasocially through mediated, popular culture. The book takes into account the fact that the Beatles have influenced not just the baby boom generation, but those in Generation X and the millennials. It goes beyond coverage of the ecstatic screams of Beatlemania and Yoko Ono's supposed role in the band's demise, and offers a cultural history that spans from the 1960s to the present.