Friday, October 12, 2018

The road to the "White Album": Paul interviewed in Melody Maker, June 8, 1968

From the original article:

[Paul] revealed that they were starting recording with 30 completed songs.

"Twenty were written while we were with the Maharishi in India," said Paul at Apple's Wigmore street headquarters. "The other ten we have written in the time since we came back to London."

There is no central theme to the songs. "They aren't about anything in particular, they're just songs. There not even particularly connected."

The Beatles are not sure how long their sessions will take, but it's a fair bet that they want to complete recording in far less time than Sergeant Pepper took. "We have no time schedule, we're just recording until we are finished. We have the studio booked for a couple of weeks initially and then go on from there.

"We might record all 30 songs and pick 14 or so for an album, or it could turn out to be two albums or even a three album pack. We just don't know until we have finished. We are going in with clear heads and hoping for the best.

"We had hoped this time to do a lot of rehearsing before we reached the studios rather than rehearse actually on the instruments, but as it happened, all we got was one day."

It is also hoped that the sessions will produce the next Beatles single. But again, that's a matter of chance. "Until we start we don't know what'll happen. A song that looks good on paper might turn out to be a flop when it's recorded. Or we might cock it up in the studio. For the first week, we'll just record and see what happens.

"If nothing good comes out of the songs, we'll get the Scaffold to write one for us!"

But Paul promised that the music will be either simple or very complicated. "It'll be one extreme or the other — it'll either be very simple or it'll have everything on it.

"We haven't booked any musicians. All we have is a handful of songs and four boys to sing them. That's all there is — a band called the Beatles."

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