George song, John glasses sell at auction, no buyer for Eleanor Rigby papers

A reel-to-reel tape containing a lost George Harrison tune was the big seller among Beatles-themed items up for auction in Britain this week.
The reel-to-reel tape features an Indian-influenced track called Hello Miss Mary Bee, which was written especially for the vendor in early 1968. It was sent to her, along with a six-page letter from Harrison’s wife, Patti Boyd, which was included in the lot, as well as postcards sent by the Beatles guitarist.

A pair of John Lennon’s glasses went for £5,600.
A deed for the real Eleanor Rigby's burial plot in Liverpool, however, failed to sell.

While Paul McCartney says he invented the name for the title of his 1966 song, an actual Eleanor Rigby is buried at Woolton Church in Liverpool, the same spot where McCartney struck up his friendship with John Lennon in 1957. Paul admits that maybe he saw Rigby's gravestone and subliminally incorporated it into his song.