Monday, January 9, 2017

Paul McCartney details playing "celery" on Beach Boys' album

Paul McCartney's participation in the Beach Boys' recording sessions for the legendary Smile album have been mentioned a lot over the years, but I don't recall Paul talking about it much, himself, until this recent post via his website:

I mean it was wild and wacky days, you know, and I just went round to the studio because they invited me. I just thought it would be fun to sit there and watch them record, ’cause I’m a big fan. And so I was there, and then it was, I think, Brian who came over and said, ‘Oh Paul, got a favour to ask: would you mind recording something?’ I thought, ‘Oh, no! But great, I could do that’. Oh God, I’m gonna be singing on a Beach Boys record or something, you know! I got a bit kind of intimidated and thought, ‘Okay, here goes nothing’. And they said, ‘Well, what we want you to do is go in there and just munch!’ …Well, I can do that! So, if you hear somebody munching celery, that’s me!”

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