Beatles Bits

The new Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl album debuted at Number 7 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, making it the group's 32nd Top 10 release.


Singer Ed Sheeran was among the talking heads who didn't make the final cut in "The Beatles: Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years."
"Ed had recorded a segment for the film,” a source told The Sun. “But it failed to make the final cut along with a load of other talking heads by Ron who wanted to make more time for The Beatles themselves.
"Ron had to be ruthless, but Ed will be gutted. He’s crazy about The Beatles and has grown really close to Paul over the past couple of years, even introducing him to his dad.”
Speaking about the various talking heads being cut from the film, Ringo said: "When we saw the first cut there were a lot of other people doing a lot of talking, which I believe he’s cut out now and it’s mainly me and Paul talking and it’s better.”

Paul McCartney says he liked Ron Howard as Ritchie on "Happy Days."


Artificial intelligence technology was used to compose this tune, supposedly in the style of the Beatles: