Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl album set for official CD, vinyl release this fall

Several days ago, hints surfaced on Beatles discussion boards that the band's live album, issued in 1977 and never officially available on CD, would be re-released this fall as a tie-in to the Ron Howard directed "Eight Days a Week" live years documentary.

Now it looks as if the hints are true. CD and vinyl listings for The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl have surfaced on Amazon.

The CD is set for Sept. 9 release while the vinyl will be out Nov. 18.

"Eight Days a Week," which focuses on the Beatles' touring years, will debut on Hulu Sept. 17 with screenings in select British cities Sept. 15.
We'll update you on official details once they become available. The hints revealed earlier stated the album will carry its official track listing, plus four bonus tracks also from concerts recorded at the Bowl in 1964 and/or 1965.

Most interesting to learn will be how the tracks sound and to what extent they've been changed or improved upon since the 1977 release. Producer George Martin shelved the tapes back in the 1960s, feeling they were too low quality for release. When technology improved, he went back to the studio and did his best to boost the Beatles' music above the sound of their screaming audiences. Even so, the screaming was pretty overwhelming. Now, who knows?

One immediate change is the release's title. Originally it was just The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, but the word "live" has been inserted.

In one way, this is all happy news, as the album has been much missed by many fans and, as the only official live document of the band, should be in print. But there are many other live performances out there worthy of release and the new film provides an opportunity for a more expansive, far-ranging compilation of live tracks. Many of us would also love to see a spruced up, official version of the band's first Shea Stadium performance made available on DVD or Blu-ray. Maybe there's still hope.

Here is the track list for the original Hollywood Bowl LP.
  1. Twist and Shout.
  2. She's a Woman.
  3. Dizzy Miss Lizzie.
  4. Ticket to Ride.
  5. Can't Buy Me Love.
  6. Things We Said Today.
  7. Roll Over Beethoven.
  8. Boys.
  9. A Hard Day's Night.
  10. Help!
  11. All My Loving.
  12. She Loves You.
  13. Long Tall Sally.