Thursday, September 17, 2015

Paul pleased about upcoming Beatles video collection

Uncut has a new interview with Paul McCartney, in which he enthuses about the upcoming Beatles 1+ greatest hits and video collection.
“We’ve got all visuals associated with the hits on the album, 1,” he tells us. “All the music videos, and where there isn’t a music video – they’ve made some up! Which is brilliant. They’ve found footage.”

“‘Hey, Bulldog’ is to die for, as my wife would say,” McCartney continues. “It’s great, because there happened to be a camera crew there filming The Beatles at EMI while we were doing ‘Lady Madonna’. They were going to film a little bit of that, but they stayed and we got onto ‘Hey, Bulldog’. It’s great, and it all fits with the record because they filmed the take we used.”
The new set pairs the 2-CD Beatles 1 compilation with high-quality restorations of the promo films the Beatles made in the 1960s along with additional video content. More detail in our earlier post.

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  1. Yeah, they totally just found the Hey Bulldog footage!