Sunday, February 1, 2015

John Lennon's returned MBE medal found in royal storage

Liverpool Beatles fans who want John Lennon's MBE (Member of the British Empire) medal displayed in his childhood home have reportedly located it in storage.

All the Beatles received the MBE from Queen Elizabeth II in 1965, largely for their contributions to British trade. But Lennon returned his four years later in a war protest. Since the, it's apparently been kept in a cabinet in the Chancery Department in St. James Palace.

The Liverpool Beatles Appreciation Society would like to see the medal displayed at Lennon's former home in Liverpool on Menlove Avenue, which is now operated by the National Trust. However, Yoko Ono would need to ask for it back.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman...said: "John Lennon's MBE is in storage at the Central Chancery at St James' Palace. 
"It has been retained since the day Mr Lennon returned it but a decision over whether the medal could go on display in a museum is not up to us. 
"It would be up to Yoko Ono as she is the custodian of John Lennon's estate." 
...One Beatles fan in Liverpool said: "Let's hope Yoko will agree that John's medal should be displayed in his home town.  
"We completely respect John's decision to return the MBE but we also believe that showing it to the public would be appropriate since it would raise awareness of John's campaign for peace.  
"We are urging Yoko to put in a request to Buckingham Palace for them to return the medal to her."

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