Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beatles albums on SHM-CD out in Japan - best price

The Beatles catalog is being released in Japan-only on SHM-CD, an audiophile CD format popular in that country.

I have only a couple of SHM-CDs in my collection - Japanese reissues of jazz LPs - and they sound very good and lifelike. I don't know how these Beatles CDs will compare to the versions on conventional CDs. The sound on them is from the 2009 remasters of the Beatles' albums.

While Amazon is listing the limited editing SHM-CDs about around $48 a pop, you can get them via CDJapan for $23.58 each, $31.60 for the "White Album" and "Red" and "Blue" compilations.

I've ordered from CDJapan and they are trustworthy, though shipping is expensive if you want your purchases quick. If you're willing to wait several weeks for the "slow boat," it's much more economical.

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