Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Paul McCartney praises Dylan's "Things We Said Today" cover, details upcoming projects

In a BBC Radio 6 interview, Paul McCartney said he enjoys Bob Dylan's cover of the Beatles' "Things We Said Today" on a new Macca tribute album:
"[With] his croaky old voice…he's doing one of my songs called 'Things We Said Today,'" Sir Paul pointed out in the interview, before proceeding to imitate Bob's rendition.  Macca added, "I think I was saying…'If I started singing like that they'd shoot me.'  Bob's great, you know.  I love it…It's just, you're either a fan or you're not, and I'm a big fan of his."
Paul also said his next project is music for "High in the Clouds," an animated feature based on his 2005 children's book. He'll also voice one of the characters i the film.

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