Monday, November 24, 2014

New and upcoming Beatles books: Beatles and the Avant-Garde, Julia

Spotted a couple of new ones on Amazon.
The Beatles & The Avant-Garde 
The only book of its kind, The Beatles & The Avant-Garde tells the story of the Fab Four's more aesthetically challenging material.

With his trademark blend of intellectual rigor with accessibility, Beatles scholar Aaron Krerowicz explains the innovative thinking behind some of the band's most infamous projects (including 'Carnival of Light' and 'Revolution 9') and illustrates how those artistic productions reflect the lives of their creators. Beatles lore assumes that Yoko Ono's sway over John Lennon was solely responsible for the band's avant-garde experiments.

The whole story, however, is much more interesting and complex. This book explores not only how and why Yoko influenced John, but also the many other avenues through which the Beatles found the avant-garde, channeling those influences to create innovative, world-changing music.

In these pages, fans and scholars alike will find valuable insights and a new way of thinking about the Beatles' extraordinary accomplishments.

Julia - The Story Of Julia Lennon 
The author Kevin Roach has always been supported during his research by families of the subject. This book is no exception and has been supported by Julia Baird, John Lennon's half sister.

"Mother you had me - I never had you?" These word where the inspiration for this book, these words written by John Lennon in his deeply personal song "Mother." The song wasn't so much sung, but screamed out for its recording on the John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album, this was in complete contrast to the early song Lennon had written for his Mother on The Beatles White Album titled "Julia."

Listening to the two songs you wonder who was Julia, who was Mother? Who was that person? It is hard to portray the lives of others people to everyone's satisfaction, and the life of Julia has been portrayed by so many without research, and taken the quotes from John's Aunt Mimi. However this excellent book takes you the reader into the life of Julia, starting in 1906 with the marriage of her parents to her untimely death in 1958.

Why was Julia the person she was? Was she just a good time girl who enjoyed being in the company of men because of the attention they gave her, or did she equally have deep, unstable issues that caused her to act out quite wildly? This book is the first book to feature Julia as a central character, and is supported with new (never before) published documentation and photographs from the family collection.

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