More Beatles self-help tips from Huffington Post

What is the deal with all these better-living-through-Beatles stories on HuffPo? Do people get paid to write this stuff?

The latest is "Liverpool, Beatles and the Beauty of the Back Story," in which the author looks to the origins of the band and reviews how adversity helped them grow:
There are plenty more examples to illustrate how the Beatles "made it" - including a murky, last-minute decision to invite drummer Ringo Starr into the band.
The true insights, however, are found in their aspiring attitudes, optimistic outlooks and purposeful persistence. Fifty years later, we can still reflect upon the how anyone's life's challenges can serve as seeds to long term success.
If you've been caught between launching your dream and seeing it realized, here's hoping this Beatles back story inspires you.
The Beatles story happened a lot longer ago than Yesterday, but yours can begin today!