Beatles' pal Cilla Black receives career honor, recounts her story

Set to receive a special award at this year's BAFTAs, Cilla shares her career memories with the Daily Mirror.
“ I remember the day that changed my life. It was 1964, a freezing February Sunday, and I’d been waiting for hours in the phone box in Scottie Road.

“Brian [Epstein] was going to ring from London to tell me how my single, Anyone Who Had a Heart, was doing in the charts.

“Then he called. He said: ‘It’s selling nearly 100,000 copies a day. It’s at No 1’. I ran out of that box beside myself with happiness.”

Epstein predicted Cilla would be “one of the biggest stars in this country for the next 30 or 40 years”.
Cilla smiles: “He was only 10 years out then! I only expected to last three years as a pop singer... that’s all you got then. I don’t know why he liked me so much, but I was definitely the darling of Brian’s bunch. He saw me as the new Judy Garland! I was never going to be like that.

Check the link for a nice photo gallery, too. Some pics of Cilla with the Fabs: